MTT Course Work

Candidates will have to take 4 online courses through UTB. The meetings times for these courses will be asynchronous and will require to create various number of technology projects to be submitted online. The required UTB online courses for completing the MTT program certification are:

EDTC 6340 – Application of Advanced Technology in the PK-12 Classroom.
Course Description
This course provides a broad overview of the technological tools that you will need to complete the program and pass your MTT examination. You will use these tools in a variety of situations that are appropriate for your professional duties.
You have already gained a certain level of expertise in technology tools usage from your attendance at the Region One MTT Academy. This course will continue to build your skills repertoire and provide opportunities to use those skills in meaningful contexts.
However, the course is not solely about building your skills capacity for instructional technology tools. How those tools are effectively used is absolutely critical, and how you know those tools are being used effectively -- with students, faculty, administrators, and parents -- will be a major focus of the remainder of the program. We begin in this first course by looking at effective ways to disseminate information (NOT instruction, and we need to learn how to differentiate between the two). The projects will focus upon your providing information to a variety of audiences, in a variety of formats, for a variety of purposes.
EDTC 6341 – Student-Centered Learning Using Technology.
Course Description
This course provides the Master Technology Teacher (MTT) with the skills and conceptual knowledge for instructional design and development of student-centered learning activities in the K—12 classroom. The course also addresses critical issues in this instructional design and development process, including effective modifications of instruction that use advanced technologies for special needs students, and mentoring other faculty members.
EDTC 6342 – Technology Leadership.
Course Description
This course provides the Master Technology Teacher (MTT) with experience in assessing the technological readiness of a school and its staff as a basis for creating a technology plan specific to the site. In addition to experience in crafting a long-range technology plan, the course also stresses planning for and delivering effective technology staff development. Finally, the course provides the student with the opportunity to reflect upon the demands and opportunities inherent in the MTT position in preparation for undertaking them in actual in practice.
EDTC 6343 – Practicum.

Course Description
This course is your capstone course in the MTT sequence. You will be applying the concepts and skills you have mastered from the previous three courses. Specifically, you will be implementing some portion of your staff development plan, and replicating the process you used to design and develop your technology lesson in EDTC 6341.

Throughout the program candidates will develop products and demonstrate processes that will become part of an electronic portfolio. This portfolio will serve as both a benchmark and an electronic testimony of the skills and conceptual knowledge gained by MTT Academy professionals. The completed electronic portfolio will include the following items:

Multimedia Products – Products that model the effective integration of current technology into instruction.
Abstracts – 30 research abstracts that focus on educational technology issues.
Lesson – A 30-minute exemplary lesson that integrates content and instructional technology to demonstrate authentic, student-centered learning.
Mentor Lesson - Evidence of mentoring another teacher in the infusion of technology into an existing lesson plan.
Assessment - Selected resources in instructional planning, professional development and campus technology planning.
Case Study – A case study of how assistive technologies have been used successfully for at least one student.
Staff Development Plan – Needs assessment and professional development for a campus.
Listserv – Evidence of participation in educational and technology listservs.
List of Professional Affiliations and Subscriptions – Evidence of participation in professional associations and other affiliations related to the field of technology.
Links to Standard - Links to relevant technology standards.
Job Description – A job description of the MTT on a campus.