NOTE: This tutorial is graphic intensive with many screen shots from PhotoFiltre. Please be patient as it loads the first time.



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Tutorial: Image Editing with PhotoFiltre


Step 1: Getting Familiar with PhotoMasque

Step 2:  Using the Audio Recorder

Step 3: Navigating the Audio Editor Buttons

Step 4: Begin Audio Editing

Step 5: Editing Music with WavePad
Step 6: Mixing Music and Voice


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Let's take a look at ways you can enhance images using the PhotoMasque filter.

Step 1: Getting Familiar with Photo Masque

First make sure you have an image open on the PhotoFiltre desktop. If you do not remember how to open an image refer to Page 1 of this tutorial. Your image and PhotoFiltre window will look similar to the picture below.

Figure 1.1

Now click on Filter>PhotoMasque. A window will open with all the Photo Mask properties. See Figure below.

Figure 1.2

As you are working with PhotoMasque, you will be able to preview your mask choice so you can experiment with different looks.  In order to be able to see the image when you click Preview, drag the Preview window to the right of the image on the desktop. (Hint: You can do this by clicking on the blue bar at the top of the PhotoMasque window, holding down your mouse button and then dragging the window over.  Once you have the window where you want it, release the mouse.)

Figure 1.3

The first time you use the PhotoMasque, you will have a blank window so you must click on the Open Folder icon to open the different masks.

Figure 1.4

The masks are shown by the name of the file, so it is hard to know if you like the mask. If you click on one of the .gif files, the mask will appear on the preview bar. 

Figure 1.5

To see all the masks, click on the View Window>Highlight Thumbnails>then Click.  You will now be able to see what the  masks look like. 

Figure 1.6

Scroll down until you see the ellipse, then Highlight it by clicking on it, then click Open.

Figure 1.7

Let's start making some changes.  First, the ellipse needs to be flipped, since the image is in landscape view.  Click on the button indicated below to flip the ellipse into the horizontal position.

Figure 1.8

Now click on Preview and take a look at what happens to your image.

Figure 1.9

You can change the color of the frame by clicking on Color>then selecting a new color. In the image below, I selected a green frame.

Figure 1.10


You can also have very decorative frames by clicking on Pattern. You will have open the patterns by clicking on the file folder.

Figure 1.10


Once again you will have to select thumbnails to see images of all the patterns. Choose one of the patterns by clicking on it, then click on Open, click on Preview if you want to see what it looks like.  When satisfied, click on OK.

Take a look at the two very different looks of the two framed images below.  On the one on the right, I added a frame to "finish" it out.

Figure 1.11


If you like patterns and want to add more by downloading them from the PhotoFiltre site.  Click on Downloads, then choose additional masks or patterns.

Step 2:

Step 3: Filters, etc.

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