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Welcome to the UTB
Master Technology Teacher (MTT) Certification Program

The purpose of this site is twofold:

  • an information source for teachers interested in our MTT certification program
  • a resource for students who are in the Master Technology Teacher certification program and educators interested in learning more about technology integration

The Master Technology Teacher is a State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC) approved certificate. This certification program is designed to offer candidates an opportunity to further their studies while becoming technology mentors at the campus and district level.

MTT certification will prepare candidates to:

  • Provide instructional leadership in technology;
  • Mentor colleagues as they implement technology-based instruction;
  • Provide professional development at their district/campus; and,
  • Assist the district’s special education department with the implementation of computer-related “Assistive Technology.”


All University of Texas at Brownsville course work is online and requires no on-campus visits. See the  UT TeleCampus or the UTB Ed Tech website for further details about UTB online master’s program.

The four required MTT courses fit directly into the Master of Education (Educational Technology) degree offered by UTB, should the MTT candidate wish to pursue a master’s degree.

The MTT program allows participants to network with other educators throughout the state (and nation) ensuring that they remain on the cutting edge of technology in education.

All courses include a variety of asyncnronous and synchronous learning activities that are collaborative, engaging, dynamic and interactive using the latest in technology tools for K-12. Activities provide opportunities for networking with other professional educators across the state. Guest speakers who are experts in the field are frequent visitors to the synchronous class sessions.

Instructors are all MTT certified and have experience in the K-12 classroom environment as well as in the use of Web 2.0 technologies.

Required MTT Courses
In the MTT program, you will have an opportunity to collaborate and learn with others online in virtual classrooms using both synchronous and asynchronous tools.

Courses required for Master Technology Teacher certification:

EDTC 6340 – Application of Advanced Technologies in the PK-12 Classroom
EDTC 6341 – Student-Centered Learning Using Technology
EDTC 6342 – Technology Leadership
EDTC 6343 – MTT Practicum

Click here for more detailed information about course content.

MTT Requirements
SBEC regulations require candidates to meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to receive Master Technology Teacher certification:
  • Hold a technology applications certificate, OR
    Hold a technology education certificate, OR
  • Hold a teaching certificate and have 3 years of teaching experience

AND must successfully complete:

  • An approved preparation program (such as the UTB program), and
  • the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) MTT examination.
The candidates in this program must:
  • Successfully complete the four MTT courses and pass the end of course exam with 85 or higher to be allowed to take the MTT examination.

Courses are currently offered in the Spring and Fall semesters.

To apply online, please click here. Those interested in the certificate only program do not need to take the GRE.

This site is provided for the MTT program at the University of Texas at Brownsville.

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